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Vegetable Jackpot

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Vegetable Jackpot

Teaching YUM ( Youth Understanding MyPlate)

fruit-and-veggie tastingFor six weeks I will travel to Centerville to teach 1st, 3rd and 5th graders about MyPlate. Each week I focus on a different food group and bring a snack that reinforces what the kids learned. Today is fruit and vegetable day and kids will learn about eating the rainbow (and no, I do not mean skittles). I try and pick a few different colors with the goal of bringing at least one fruit and/or vegetables this kids have not tried before. Ideally I would bring in dragon fruit, fresh mango or something else exotic, but unfortunately my budget does not allow for it. Today, I hit the jackpot! I saw purple cauliflower, rainbow carrots and to throw in a fruit, I got green grapes. I cannot wait to see the look on their faces when I give them purple cauliflower! Make vegetables interesting and fun for kids is a great way to spark their interest and actually get them to eat the vegetables.

Abigail Lichliter, RN
MSU Extension Cascade County SNAP Ed Program Manager


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