Welcome to Get Fit Great Falls!

Get Fit Great Falls is a coalition of like-minded people who encourage neighbors, family, and friends to get active and make healthy choices when selecting foods for their dinner table.


115 4th St S, Great Falls, Montana



Winter Trails Day 2020!

Get Fit Great Falls, in coordination with the U.S. Forest Service, is proud to host Winter Trails Day 2020 on Saturday, February 1st at the Silver Crest Winter Recreation Area. The day offers snowshoeing and...

Park Pals 2022

***Note: If you're having trouble finding our Park Pals, just look for the two volunteers in bright green shirts! We do not have the GFPS Food Truck at every location, but we promise we're...

National Trails Day 2019

It may not feel like summer just yet, but National Trails Day 2019 is right around the corner, so start planning your hiking experience now!   According to The American Hiking Society, "National Trails Day® is...

Extreme Travel Tips

This article is from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Read the entire piece here. Adventure travel has become a popular way to explore new destinations and test your physical abilities. Adventure travel includes “extreme”...