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Make downtown beautiful with painted crosswalks!

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Make downtown beautiful with painted crosswalks!

Check out the press release from the City-County Health Department:


Painted Crosswalks to be added in Great Falls 


Great Falls, MT – On Saturday, April 28, Cascade City-County Health Department (CCHD), Great Falls Business Improvement District (BID), and Building Active Communities Initiative (BACI) will create a safer walking environment for Great Falls residents. The groups are adding a new crosswalk at CCHD and repainting two crosswalks in the alley where the Roberts Park Playground is located between 5th Street South and 6th Street South. The crosswalks will not only help make Great Falls more walkable, but will be hand painted by community members to add color and art to downtown.


Crosswalk Painting

When: Saturday, April 28, 2018

Where: CCHD, 115 4th St S

Time: 3:30pm


Volunteers will use stencils to paint colorful designs in the crosswalk areas. The project is funded by BID with paint donated from Sherwin Williams.


“We painted two crosswalks by Roberts Playground in 2016 and the community really seemed to enjoy having crosswalk art downtown,” says Joan Redeen, BID Community Director. “The crosswalks had faded so it seemed like a good time to repaint them and add another painted crosswalk at CCHD to make downtown safer and more beautiful.”


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that physical activity is an important part of keeping people healthy. CDC encourages communities to design, develop, and deliver convenient places to be physically active for its residents. CCHD, BID, and BACI hope that beautiful crosswalks will make it easier for pedestrians to utilize downtown and encourage walking instead of driving.


The crosswalks will be primed for painting on Friday, April 27. Portions of the painted areas will be closed to traffic from Friday at 3pm to Sunday afternoon.


For information on the day of the event contact Joan Redeen at 727-5430.


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